Subject: Regarding the Starting and Ending point while measuring distance between Purchase Center (Mandi) and Storage Point (Rice Mill)
I have a simple query regarding the subject cited above.
The Transport Policy of 2018-19 States That

"Measurement of Truck-able/Motor-able Distance:- The shortest route of truck-able I Motor-able distance between Storage point and mandi shall be measured on actual basis by the concerned Inspector, and Assistant Food & Supplies Officer/Food & Supplies Officer. The result of such measurement shall be duly signed by the above members, on the basis of which payment shall be made to the tenderer. The above committee shall be liable for the accurate measurement. If Storage points are taken on rent at any later stage, the rates approved for the cluster shall appl y for transportation to such storage points. The distance shall be determined in the same manner as given above."


But the Guideline is not clear about taking the starting and ending point of the distance measured.
1. The Transporter says that the starting and ending point should be taken as the Center of Purchase center (Mandi) and the center of Rice Mill. Which increases the distance by about 200 meters.
2. The Officers say that Starting and ending point should be taken as the Gate of the Rice Mill and the starting point of Purchase Center (Mandi).
Out of the above 2 scenarios, What starting and ending point should be chosen to measure the distance legally and accurately according to policy?
Link to Full Transport Policy